Welcome to the United Kingdom Software Metrics Association (UKSMA)

Are you interested in directions and best practice in software measurement and estimation and the management of Information technology (IT) value?
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UKSMA Mission Statement

. To encourage, promote and improve software measurement and metrics practices within the software community.

. To be acknowledged by all software metrics practitioners in the UK as the main facilitator of software metrics knowledge.

UKSMA aims to achieve this by:

. Providing a forum for the exchange of software measurement and analysis ideas

. Collaborating with other software metrics organisations

. Arranging conferences, tutorials, discussion forums  and special interest groups

. Arranging exams for for Mk2 FPA and COSMIC certification

. Promotion of advances in software measurement and analysis

. Supporting the development of software metrics standards and certifications

How to participate

Participate in UKSMA activities by attending our workshops and conferences, sharing best practice discussions via our Linkedin discussion forum, writing papers and providing feedback on industry directions and practice needs.