Welcome to UKSMA

The United Kingdom Software Measurement Association (UKSMA)  was founded in 1993  to serve the needs practioners in the then emerging software develoment industry

Although the nature of software develoment has changed over the years, the need for software measurement and the training and education in the uses and benefits of software measure has not.

UKSMA is an association of those intested in not only learning about software measurement and whay we should do it, but also in the processes practioners have to adopt in order to collect, store, analyze and present measurement for the benefit of the stakehoder in the result.

Mission Statement

To encourage, promote and improve software measurement and metrics practices within the software community.

To be acknowledged by all software metrics practitioners in the UK as the main facilitator of software metrics knowledge.


Provide a forum for the exchange of software measurement and analysis ideas

Provide a knowledge base of software measurement related information

Collaborate with other software metrics organisations on topics of mutual interest

Arrange conferences, tutorials, discussion forums and special interest groups

Keep pace with advances in software measurement and analysis

Support the development of software metrics standards and certifications


The UKSMA Board is conducting an in-depth review of how it should adapt to the  chaging landscape of the procurement, development, testing, service management and asset management  of software related products and services