Method of Working

The diagram on the right is a pictorial representation of the processes used by the Management Committee to ensure that the work UKSMA does is for the benefit of its members.

There are 5 Main areas:

  • Engagement with the software measurement community.
    • Monitoring various channels of communication to understand the issue that are causing concern an deciding where UKSMA can contribute.
  • Identify the measurement Stakeholders and their concerns
    • Extract specific specific concerns for which UKSMA is able to deliver resourses to address them.
  • Delivering resources to meet the Stakeholder concerns.
    • When a need is identified the Management Committee will authorize a Project to locate existing resources and develop new ones as appropriate. Mmebers and non-member may be invited to participate or contribute.
  • Publishing the results via the website.
    • The deliverables from the Project are made availbel to the members by publishing on the main UKSMA website and by adding to the SWMBoK Macro-KB and referencing via new or modified Mict-KB (see the SWMBoK article in Knowledge Base).
  • Advertising the deliverable via Conference and Workshops.
    • Where suitable, the Project deliverable may be used as the focus of a Conference presentation or the subject of a Workshop.

By taking heed of the needs of the software measurement community, delivering resources that of value to them and involving them in the process of development and delivery, it is hoped that they will participate and subsequently become members to enable UKSMA to do more, faster.