Management Committee

UKSMA Management Committee

The UKSMA Management Committee is a volunteer group of the members, drawn from as wide a field as possible to reflect the varied membership and interests of UKSMA.

Officers and board members are appointed by election at the annual general meeting. On appointment they must be or become full members of UKSMA. The board members are responsible on behalf of the membership for:

  • setting the aims and
  • objectives setting the policies
  • overseeing the finances
  • directing activities

The committee appoints and approves Sub-Groups (e.g. Metrics Practices Committee) and commissions it to conduct projects and studies into metrics-related issues.

The committee meets approximately 4 to 6 times a year, usually in central London.

There are a number of leadership functions that committee members take on, usually in rotation. Some of these are mandated by Company Law.

The current membaersof the Management Committe are:

ChairMike Eagles
Deputy Chair
Company SecretaryCliiford Shelley
TreasurerSauda Eagles
Membership Secretary
WebmasterKistina Masuwa-Morgan
Communications and Social mediaBernard Londiex
Conference and Workshop Co-ordinatorPeter Fagg
Project Co-ordinatorPeter Fagg