UKSMA Incentivization –Programme


To reinstate the dialogue between the UKSMA Board and the Membership

The proposed incentivization method makes use of a monthly triggering message sent to the Membership the content of which is based on a thematic element of measurement.

The chosen theme is adapted to the member’s practical metric experience and focused in congruence with the next UKSMA Conference.


Bernard LondeixManager


The Monthly Module:
The triggering message is handled by means of a “Monthly Module” with is run every month with a changing triggering message. The triggering message is emailed to the full Membership, a number of Members reply to the email with their own local views. Board Members reply to the Member’s message establishing a dialogue. The last week of the month an analysis of the dialog is made and published to the Membership through the UKSMA Forum.
The scope of the dialog is the UKSMA Membership only.

Hence, the four steps of the Monthly Module (MM) may look like this:

  1. Week 1: Triggering message chosen by the Board and emailed to Membership
  2. Week 2 – 3:  Members reply (Survey result, local experience, alternative ideas, etc.)
  3. Board replies as necessary. (Triggering the dialog)
  4. Week 4: The material is analyzed/ synthesized and published in the .ORG Forum


Initial Calendar (As an example)


Theme: Initial introduction and small survey


Theme: introduction and recommended method of measurement in your work place


Theme: Measurement tools/facilities in your work place or which would you wish to have.


Theme:  What is the most advantageous aspect of the measurement method you are employing?


Theme: Your views about measurement automation?


Theme: Measurement: Company Standard Vs Project Standard?


Etc. . . . . .



Motivated and competent personalities will emergent from the base Membership and will be invited to participate in the work of the Board by co-optation first then Board Membership at best.


Some Members may be interested in:

    • taking over some projects in application of the Modus Operandi;
    • presenting their work at the next UKSMA Conference;
    • a success recognition UKSMA Certificate.