The Metronos initiative was launched by a former Chairman of UKSMA, Bob Ratcliff.  It is designed to provide a channel for existing know how, not to develop new knowledge in software metrics.

Metronos has two parts:

  • to identify, promote and make readily accessible to the software community the best existing measurement know how - data, definitions and methods - to those that need it
  • and with that in place to provide qualify users of measurement to three levels – foundation, practitioner and expert
    Measurement is widely used in the software industry but has so far failed to live up to its promise. Software developers find it difficult to get started with measurement, acquiring information or data is difficult and the application of measurement uncertain. Measurement is often misapplied and misunderstood. Wise managers treat software measurement data with caution.

Why is this, when a mature body of knowledge applying measurement to software and software development already exists? The difficulty is accessibility to the software measurement body of knowledge, and difficulty in evaluating its credibility and relevance with respect to a particular measurement measurement need.

SWMBoK is the acronym for the Software Measurement Measurement Body of Knowledge and has been designed to address those difficulties by providing a platform for storing and retrieve measurement related resources.

To be able to structure and provide access to the information in the Metronos knowledgebase, SWMBoK is hosted on a dedicated website designed for that purpose located at the SWMBoK site .

The site is under development and when complete experts an practitioners in software measurement will be invited to participate and contribute.

UKSMA SWMBoK Knowledge Base

The UKSMA SWMBoK (BoK)  is powered by KBSearch, a tool designed to build a knowledgebase about a particular area of interest, in our case, Software Measurement, then allow users to access it. KBSearch data is stored in 2 forms:

  • Macro-KB
    • An unstructured set of articles , documents, links, media and references. Each entry being tagged to enable them to be found during a search. This is the main source of information upon which the Micro-KB draws
  • Micro-KB
    • A set of views of the Macro-KB designed to meet the needs of a particular measurement Stakeholder.

This relates to the UKSMA Modus Operandi as follows.

  • The Macro-KB is demand-driven and represent to outcome of the "Engage with the Membership" section leading to the identifictionof stakeholder and there needs,  satisfied by the ProjectKB project (see below)
  • The Micro-KB is the deliverable from ProjectKB that conribute directly to making the information available on the website InstantSearch page.

Development of the BoK

KBSearch comprises 2 components:

  • KBDesktop Client - a Windows descktop app that allows the user to capture information and  index it using a set of defined taxonomy,  filters and tags. It is avaiable on request and free of charge to those wishing to participate in the building of the KoB
  • KBInstantSearch - an on-line  facility allowing the user to retrieve information based on a set of input criteria .

a Project is currently in preparation called ProjectKB which will comprise 2 threads

  • Macro-KB Population - authorized editors identify resources and add them to the Macro-KB.
  • Micro-KB Definition - the definition of a set of stakeholder specific  taxonomies, filters and search refinements

Some preliminary work has been carried out and to give a flavour of the intended outcome we have prepared two protype technology domonstrators.

a. A short video showing the information capture process using KBDesktopCilent, showing its appearance in KBInstantSearch. Click here to view.

b. A live demonstration of KBInstantSearch using test data which will grow as the project progresses. Try it out here.

Phase 1 of ProjectKB will be initiated early October at which time Member will receive an announcement and an invitation to participate